Minimally+ Movie Trivia Game Lands on the App Store

New Minimally+ iOS Game Makes a Guessing Game from Minimalist Posters.

Los Angeles, CA, July 25, 2013 --( Available today in the iTunes App Store, the iOS game Minimally challenges users to identify movies by minimalist posters in an entertainment trivia game. Minimally features posters handcrafted for the game, focusing on famous elements from a wide variety of films. Players determine which posters belong to which movie and go through levels by guessing titles correctly.

If players get stuck, they can ask friends for help on Facebook and Twitter. Once a question is answered, the minimalist poster unlocks for them to save or share to Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest. The posters also function well as iPhone or iPad backgrounds.

Users can also use unlockable in-game hints if they get stuck, revealing letters of the film or removing letters from the available choices. A certain amount of hints are given for each progressing level of the game, and extra hints are available for purchase within the app.

More preview information about Minimally can be found at the official site:

Minimally is released by Oskoui+Oskoui, Inc., a digital agency in Los Angeles.

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