Teresina Soapstone Add New Soapstone Slabs to Company Inventory

Roseville, CA, July 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Trusted Roseville, CA-based suppliers of Brazilian-sourced soapstone slabs, Teresina Soapstone has recently announced that they’ve added new items to their comprehensive inventory. The company’s new inventory includes Indigo Soapstone and Julia Soapstone, slabs of which are now available at great pricing for use in summer renovations.

The addition of soapstone to a home environment can add touch of elegance and prestige. The material’s aesthetic qualities are well respected throughout the renovation industry. But few homeowners know that soapstone is also one of the leading environmentally-friendly home décor additions available on the commercial market.

Because soapstone material is sourced from quarries that are much smaller than those used for marble and granite procurement, soapstone has less of an impact on the natural environment than these two common household decorating materials. And with environmentalists across the US looking reduce the amount of energy they use personally, in order to help in the global efforts to preserve the natural environment, soapstone’s inherent temperature retention capabilities are also of note. Soapstone materials retain temperature far better than any other natural stone.

This means that, once the optimal temperature has been achieved within the home environment, the soapstone materials will work to keep the environment at that temperature throughout the day. It’s the energy-savings solution that will help improve the aesthetic and the environmental qualities of a home property. And now there are a new range of high quality soapstone materials available through the team at Teresina Soapstone.

The company has recently added their Indigo Soapstone to their comprehensive in-house inventory. Indigo Soapstone offers property owners a captivating green hue when left unoiled. Homeowners with a taste for the classical and refined can add oil to their Indigo Soapstone slabs to achieve that immaculate, sharp aesthetic appearance that will blend well within any existing home décor arrangement.

The Julia Soapstone offered by Teresina Soapstone is dark in color but features white swirls, patterns and veining that will add a stylish contemporary resonance to the property owner’s kitchen areas. It’s also one of the most popular new products on the commercial marketplace.

Homeowners are now invited to review the many available options within the Teresina Soapstone catalogue at the company’s showroom in Roseville, California. To learn more about the company, please contact Teresina Soapstone directly or visit www.teresinasoapstone.com.
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