Teresina Soapstone Offer New Stylish Black and Green Minas Soapstone Countertops

Roseville, CA, July 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Roseville, CA-based experts for high quality natural stone materials, Teresina Soapstone have just announced that the company has added several new stone varieties to their broad-ranging catalogue. The new Black Minas and Green Minas soapstone available through the company will help to enhance countertops across the US with their natural appeal and long-standing resilience.

Americans continue to search for kitchen additions that will add to the aesthetic potential of their home environment. Home values across the country are on the rise again after a drop in prices and studies show that an investment in new kitchen décor offers the best return-on-investment of any home renovation work. But in order to improve the value of their properties and not lose value, US homeowners must utilize materials that offer long-term durability, in addition to high quality material aesthetics. And that’s why property owners are now working with soapstone materials for kitchen countertops.

Soapstone material offered by leading suppliers such as Teresina Soapstone is highly resistant to staining or etching and can often be left in its natural state without the requirement of being chemically sealed or protected. Another of the leading advantages of soapstone is that it’s resistant to bacteria, which means that harsh, environmentally-dangerous chemicals are not required to keep the material clean and disinfected. With these advantages in mind, many US homeowners are now reviewing the various materials in the Teresina Soapstone collection.

One of the latest soapstone slabs available through Teresina Soapstone is their Black Minas material. Black Minas soapstone is a popular home addition in properties that have white cabinets. The black and white combination provides eye-catching aesthetics for contemporary kitchen décor arrangements. It is also a soapstone material known for its inherent strength and durability, so it’s widely used in areas where cooking pan and bowls are placed after they’ve been heated in or on an oven. Homeowners looking to further enhance the natural allure of the Black Minas soapstone can add oil or wax to their countertops to highlight the material’s dramatic white veining.

To learn more about the full array of soapstone materials available through Teresina Soapstone, please contact the firm directly today or visit their business website at www.teresinasoapstone.com.
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