$255,000 Recovered from a Major Life Insurance Company by The Center for Life Insurance Disputes

The Center for Life Insurance Disputes helped a client recover thousands of dollars in surrender charges from a life insurance policy.

Folsom, CA, July 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A client came to The Center for Life Insurance Disputes with quite a predicament, and possibly his last attempt at recovering $255,000 of policy fees that were being held by a major life insurer. The Center for Life Insurance Disputes underwent an investigation to argue why it was obligatory for the insurance company to waive the surrender charges of the client’s life insurance policy and refund his money. The client’s other advisor had already requested the waiver, yet was turned down. The Center for Life Insurance worked persistently in a lengthy negotiation with the life insurer to come to a settlement. Based on factual evidence, the insurer agreed to rethink their previous decision of denial and returned the client’s premiums. The client recovered his policy premium of $255,000-- all without costly attorneys and legal charges.

You may question how The Center for Life Insurance Disputes is able to recover a client’s policy money even after previous requests had been turned down. In this instance it came down to two main reasons. One is because of the existing relationship The Center has with insurers. With over 20 years in the life insurance industry The Center for Life Insurance Disputes has built good relationships with many major life insurance companies. They recognize that a significant benefit to The Center’s dispute-approach is to avoid lawsuits. The Center works with insurers to resolve claims and complaints without the threat of litigation. This approach makes sense and encourages insurers to work with The Center.

The second reason is that the experienced professionals at The Center present sound, fact-based reasoning for an insurer to consider special circumstances. They understand the life insurance business and the people they are dealing with. In this dispute matter The Center was able to present the client’s request in a way that had not been considered before, but made sense once it was presented with factual support. The final result in this instance was that everyone walked away satisfied with the outcome, the insurer avoided a costly legal battle, and the client recovered his money.

If you have a dispute over your life insurance policy, contact The Center for Life Insurance Disputes to discuss your options at (888) 428-4868 or cflid.com. With over 20 years of focused experience in dealing with life insurance complaints—and a proven track record of recovering money for clients, they can help those who have suffered damages due to life insurance fraud, scams, denial of death benefits, or other types of bad faith practices. The Center for Life Insurance Disputes protects the best interests of the client—never those of the insurance company. Consultations are free.
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