Land Trust Book Teaches Basic Trust Concepts for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investor training website, Cash Flow Depot, is pleased to re-launch the book entitled "Introduction to Land Trusts for Real Estate Investors" by Jack Miller. The book is an introduction to the basic tenants of trust and their legal formalities.

Richardson, TX, July 25, 2013 --( Cash Flow Depot goes with the tag line, “Where you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn how to make one,, because its real estate books, e-Manuals, and online courses, focus on the risk-free ways of making money. In line with this goal, the company re-launches Jack Miller’s book entitled "Introduction to Land Trusts for Real Estate Investors." The book focuses on how an Illinois type land trust can provide a protective and secure environment for one’s assets.

The book is being re-launched because it is now available in all digital formats and paperback. For digital formats, the company offers the book in Kindle (all models), Jet Book Lite Reader, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and other ePUB Readers like iPads, Android Tablets using Aldiko, older Sony models, Palm devices, Franklin eBookman, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Reader. Cash Flow Depot recently announced that it has teamed up with Next Century Publishing, so the eBooks can be delivered in any format, and for the paperback books to be printed and shipped.

Cash Flow Depot general manager, Jackie Lange, says that learning about land trust is an important part of real estate investing. “You will learn the basic concepts and their underlying philosophical basis, as well as, legal formalities. It pays to know that your assets are protected no matter what happens, so your efforts won’t go to waste, and your children or beneficiaries can eventually benefit from your investments,” she adds further.

“Asset protection has always been important as an estate grows,” says Jack Miller, the author of the book. “Where in more sane times the investor’s principal concern was the selection of a particular financial vehicle or advisor, that changed in the last quarter of the 20th century. Today, the prudent estate builder will look first to safety – and particularly, protection against those who envy his or her success – rather than maximization of yields per se.”

Jack Miller has written plenty of other real estate books, all of which are being sold at Cash Flow Depot. He is touted as a “legend” in real estate investing because of his creativity, and brilliance in crafting various types of real estate deals. Investors would often ask what Jack would do when facing complex situations in property investing. To answer this need for information, Jack has written and prepared various real estate books, e-Manuals, and online seminars on various real estate topics.

"Introduction to Land Trusts for Real Estate Investors" is a book about land trusts, asset protection, and providing a secure environment for one’s real estate investments. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882 for more information.

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