Hip Hop Grows Up Launches Educational Radio Station

Talia Ashley and Cecillia Morris, founders of Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc are proud to announce the establishment of the new R&B radio station: iPositive R&B Radio.

Atlanta, GA, July 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Talia Ashley and Cecillia Morris, the founders of Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. a non-profit organization that mentors youth and young adults, are proud to announce the establishment of their educational radio station: iPositive R&B Radio. The station is now rated as number 4 in the R&B genre of Live 365's 7000-plus radio stations. Talia and Cecillia "CeCe" are the popular co-hosts of iPositive R&B Radio. Morris states, "iPositive R & B Radio hit the global airwaves February 15, 2012, and is currently ranked as number 4 in the R&B genre. This is exciting, and it is hoped that iPositive R&B Radio reaches number 1, soon!" iPositive R&B Radio's mix of old and new school R&B, with positive (encouraging) lyrics, makes for a classic compilation, when blended with positive (uplifting) conversation, by its co-hosts, Talia and CeCe. Ashley states, "We want iPositive R&B to create a new genre of R&B radio." iPositive R&B Radio is designed to promote positive energy to the listeners, and the phrasing, iPositive, means "I am Positive" about something in my life. Ashley and Morris would like for the iPositive R&B listeners to practice deleting negative thoughts from the mind. iPositive R&B Radio was born from Ashley and Morris' launch of the "iPositive Movement," which is a spin-off from their non-profit organization, Hip Hop Grows Up Inc. educational curriculum. The HHGU Inc. vision and mission, collectively, is to recreate the village it takes to raise youth and families by closing the gaps between parents or guardians, youth, educators, positive mentors, and community resources. Ashley and Morris' goal, by way of iPositive R&B Radio, is to change the mind-set of youth and families to inspired, globally, by the music played and the subjects discussed, all of which are real life home and community situations that are not discussed, usually. For more information, contact the iPositive R&B Radio management team at 678-528-3366.
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