Travel Company Latatlas is Offering the Latvian Hanseatic City Tour

Travel company Latatlas is offering the Latvian Hanseatic city Tour, the trip that takes travelers to hanseatic towns of Riga, Cesis and Straupe.

Riga, Latvia, July 26, 2013 --( Get ready to discover historic and contemporary sights of Hanseatic towns and encounter past in present.

Hanseatic city Tour includes a visit to the Old city of Riga that has preserved its charm from days of booming commerce in medieval times. In the Old city there are architectural monuments that have shaped the image of the city for hundreds of years. The three-day tour in September and October 2013 will cover the history and today’s life of Latvian Hanseatic cities, while visiting the most important sights connected to the medieval times.

Historical reference:
In its heyday the Hanseatic League was a powerful organization of German merchants that dominated overseas trade in northern Europe from the 13th to the 15th century. The organization linked around 70 large and 100 to 130 smaller towns.

The Latvian Hanseatic city Tour begins in Riga, contemporary European metropolis. Destinations include Sigulda and Cesis, where travelers will visit medieval castles and stroll along castle parks. The tour finishes in Straupe known for underground lakes and unique medieval castle that forms one building with a church.

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Andrew Yeliseev