Mobile Home Investing Book "Deals on Wheels" Reveals the Trade Secrets of Lonnie Scruggs

Cash Flow Depot, a real estate investor training company, is pleased to offer the mobile home investing book, "Deals on Wheels," by the Grandfather of the used mobile home business, Lonnie Scruggs.

Dallas, TX, July 31, 2013 --( Real estate investor training website, Cash Flow Depot, re-launches one of its most popular books entitled "Deals on Wheels." This mobile home investing book was written by Lonnie Scruggs who is touted as the “Grandfather” or the “Master” of the used mobile home business. The book essentially teaches how to buy, sell, and finance used mobile homes for big profits and cash flow.

“Deals on Wheels” is the very first installment of Scruggs’ written works about mobile home investing. The book is being re-launched because it was updated in 2013, and is now available in all digital formats and paperback. For digital formats, Cash Flow Depot offers the book in all models of Kindle, Sony, Jet Book Lite Reader, Nook, Kobo, and other ePUB Readers like iPads, Android Tablets using Aldiko, older Sony models, Palm Devices, Franklin eBookman, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Reader.

According to Cash Flow Depot general manager, Jackie Lange, the company has teamed up with Next Century Publishing to deliver the book in any format and to print and ship the paperback orders.

“Deals on Wheels” is based upon the actual investing experiences of the author, Lonnie Scruggs. Referred to as the “Bible for the Mobile Home Business,” the book reveals the trade secrets of the author, covering everything there is to know about earning fantastic profits in the used mobile home business.

Topics covered in the book include the best kind of mobile homes to buy, 8 ways to find low-priced mobile homes, how to negotiate an even lower price, how to determine necessary repairs, how to make your phone ring off the hook with buyers, how to get started with $1500 or less, dealing with park managers, and many more. The book also includes contracts and forms such as a sales agreement, promissory note, and power of attorney among others.

Lonnie Scruggs is one of the most respected people in mobile home investing because he was the first to teach people about making big money with mobile homes, presenting them as a viable alternative to real estate investing. His first book, “Deals on Wheels,” was followed up by two other books, Making Money with Mobile Homes, and Taking the Mystery out of Money. While Scruggs focuses on teaching how to make money with mobile homes, his ideas can also be applied for many other types of properties and real estate.

T.B. of Beloit, WI says, “I’ve been in the business for three months now and in that time I’ve done seven mobile home deals, most of which are yielding in excess of 100% returns.”

“Enclosed is my check for Making Money with Mobile Homes. Also, thank you for the $5,000 I made last month from your first book,” says T.P. of Corning, NY.

The mobile home investing book, Deals on Wheels, explains in detail how one can earn yields of 50% to 175% on mobile homes. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1881 for more information.

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