Money Journal Reports Investor Home Buying Slows

Investors buying homes have slowed for the third straight month, according to a new report by Money Journal.

Las Vegas, NV, July 31, 2013 --( Real estate investors, who have historically made up a large portion of the home buying sector, are slowly backing away from the marketplace according to a report by Money

Investors play a key role in the housing recovery. Record low mortgage rates, lower home prices and low returns on many other investments have fueled demand for real estate investments. However, with the stock market reaching new all-time record highs investors in financial markets may soon be looking for other investments.

The drop in investor activity is two-fold, with higher mortgage rates and increasing home values triggering the slowdown. The U.S. housing market has seen an increase in home sales for more than two years in most areas of the country.

However, a decline in investor home buying could slow the progress the market has made in recovering from the housing market downturn. Visit Money Journal for more details on the real estate market, including home buying trends expected in the near future.

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Mike Colpitts