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Attention on Ozeal Cat Eye Glasses Collection

Ozeal brings its cat eye glasses collection to ladies in both UK and US.

New York, NY, August 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Cat eye glasses meet prescription glasses in Ozeal’s latest range of Eyewear. These vintage glasses are getting a fair amount of attention from the general public and well-known celebrities with fashion trends leaning towards the inclusion of older styles.

When it comes to women glasses aren’t just a necessity but a fashion accessory as well. Designers at Ozeal have taken the latest fashion fads into account while putting this range together. The unique and very vintage design makes them the top choice when it comes to fashionable glasses.

The main reason why this particular design is showing signs of increased popularity among other online eyeglasses is because of its flattering shape. The sweeping sides really highlight the shape of the eyes. It is also thanks to this shape that they emphasize femininity just like they did years ago. Cat eye glasses are no strangers to the market and were in fact the frames of choice back in the 1950s and 1960s. Upon thinking back to those fabulous times, one can recall the faces of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn accessorized by just such designs. It was the demand for sexy accessories that gave rise to this design. This turning point in time saw women gaining their independence and exploring their feminine charms. Without sacrificing their classiness, of course.

Today we can see more modern stars like Mary J Blige, Rihana and Katy Perry showing off their cat eye style so it’s clear that this look has made a classy comeback. While we see many trend setters, we also see a lot of individualism. Just because this particular shape or design is in fashion does not mean that you are restricted one bit. There are a number of different colors and even some interesting patterns available these days that will help you express your attention to fashion as well as your individuality. Tortoise shell designs are of the most popular and really resemble that authentic vintage look. Alternatively, for shoppers seeking a lighter shade to grace their face, they can opt for something like the Anganaa design. It’s available in light blue with complimenting yellow strips. All of these frames are fairly light weight which is always a plus for the wearer.

Fashionable glasses are designed to bring out the best feature that your face has to offer. To find out more about these cat eye styles or to buy eyeglasses online, visit www.ozealglasses.com/cateye-glasses.
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