System Status Monitor Pro Released for iPhone by DigiFun Games, Ultimate App for Activity Monitoring, Managing and Optimizing Your Device Performance

System Status Monitor Pro provides significant device system information such as battery charge and activity log, memory manager, CPU and disk usage, network info with Wi-Fi or cellular identification, shows various hardware-related data etc.

New York, NY, August 05, 2013 --( Would you like to control and monitor all activity of your iOS devices? If so than System Status Monitor Pro is the perfect app for those people. It is available on iTunes App Store today; System Status Monitor Pro offers monitoring, managing and optimizing iPhone or iPod touch device activity.

The app allows you to monitor battery charge activity, battery level and status. You can easily find the battery work time for special usage patterns like video, audio, Wi-Fi and 3G internet, talk time, 2D and 3D games, stand by etc. The app offers to monitor the memory and disk space of your device. It includes real time memory consumption monitoring with graphical display of active, wired, inactive and fee memory. It observes the total, free and used disk space of your device storage limit so you can easily take care of your files and other apps.

The app is able to monitor real time CPU usage with user, system and idle usage. The graphical representation of the pie chart creates full understanding of the whole CPU usage quickly and easily. It displays a list of all current running applications and processes with detailed information about each of them including the process name, process date & time, PID and priority. The System Status Monitor Pro app allows you to check the network connectivity of your device. It displays Wi-Fi data usage and 3G (cellular) data usage, MAC and IP address of the current connection, and network data send and receive details. The app provides information about your device, CPU and hardware in detail.

The System Status Monitor Pro app again guarantees to be an ultimate iPhone app which should storm the iTunes app store chart quickly & become popular among its fans and users. System Status Monitor Pro continues to build on the hugely successful app WEP Secure Pro developer.

System Status Monitor Pro - Battery Charge & Activity, Wifi Network Info, CPU & Disk Usage, Memory Manager Available For Downloading In The iTunes App Store:

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