Synaptic Machines Release Their First Electro-World Album, "Elevation" - the Rise of a New Genre

Release of the CD "Elevation," by Synaptic Machines, the album that spices EDM, Techno and Pop-electro with musical inspirations from all around the world (Indian, Moombah, Latin and more).

Leiden, Netherlands, August 03, 2013 --( Our world is so diverse, so rich, and yet so centralized when it comes to popular music. This often results in prejudices from one side (the younger generation) or the other (the more traditional music lovers).

Synaptic Machines believe all music styles can be highly appreciated by all. It is all a question of facilitating the discovery.

Their mission is to open the eyes, or more precisely the ears, of all music generations to the wonders of World Music using modern production techniques. A way maybe, for a Dubstep fanatic to develop a taste for Indian traditional rhythms, or a salsa dancer to get into EDM.

In all, Synaptic Machines crystallizes a musical vision where modernity meets tradition. It is not too bold to say that this approach appears to generate a new musical genre.

The result of this vision is "Elevation", the first album of Synaptic Machines that was released August 1st, 2013. The record is composed of ten breath-taking tracks, that explore various realms of traditional and world music and blends them with a sparkling blanket of electronic sounds.

“It is a magnificent poem from Charles Baudelaire that inspired me ‘Elevation’, the track that gave its name to the album. I wrote the music while flying back from India, while the recent experience of beautiful Tabla sounds was still in my head. The rhythmic experiment (the track is built around a 5:4 signature) was very successful in communicating what I feel about music," says Edouard Reny, the music producer of Synaptic Machines. He then adds: "For me, music can elevate your mind and your soul to a new level of existence. And during this spiritual ‘Elevation’, one’s life always swings!”

A description of the style for each track is provided on the back of the album ("Latin-Elektro/Ragga-Dance", "World-Elektro/Indian-Trance", "Goth-Elektro" etc.) to help the listener categorize the music. However, the music is so original and filled with multiple influences that these words barely describe what the listener might experience.

The reactions of the first listeners were very enthusiastic leading to believe that "Elevation" could meet quite some success if sufficiently exposed to the public.

"From chaos & desolation music is born… This is a mashup of cosmic proportions. But above all that sonic madness there's a brilliant mind tweaking the knobs and torturing the speakers with crushing bass - I bow to you, Chaos Overlord." - (Valentin)

"Totally exciting and brilliant tracks! very much enjoyed! Much Love and all the best from Australia." -(Jen)

"Glitched Tabla? Yes, Please! Your music is so rich. Amazing rhythm and melodic/harmonic depth. 10/10" -($oB)

"If anyone's screaming for evolution, it's here!" -(BetraX)

"That is 'Wild Electro'… My brain exploded. Awesome!" -(Matthew)

"Love your music - makes me want to hit the club!" -(Maureen)

All the tacks of the album car be listened to on Reverbnation:

"Elevation" is available for purchase as a physical CD or as a download package on the central website of Synaptic Machines ( and on Bandcamp ( The album is also available at all major online distributors (i-tunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc.).
Synaptic Machines
Edouard Reny