Supremia Dentistry Offers Five Back-to-School Dental Tips

Triangle-Based Dentist Discusses the Top Ways to Protect Kids' Teeth This Fall

Raleigh, NC, August 03, 2013 --( In the flurry of activities that prepare children for starting up a new school year, we cannot forget that health is one of the best tools for success. Dr. Edmond Suh and Supremia Dentistry (, a Triangle-based dental practice that delivers advanced patient care through the use of cutting edge technology, offer the top five ways to protect your children’s teeth for this school year and for the rest of their lives.

1. Emphasize good hygiene habits. You should begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they appear, and then they should take over once they are old enough to do it themselves. Brushing and flossing before and after school regularly removes bacteria from the mouth and prevents decay and gum disease.

2. Offer kid-friendly dental supplies. Involve your children in the process by letting them choose their own toothbrush. Ensure that it has soft bristles and is the correct size for their age. Experiment with toothpaste flavors as well. Many children are put off by the strong mint flavors that adults often use, so try several different flavors of toothpaste to find their favorite. The more they like the flavor, the more likely they are to want to brush their teeth.

3. Pack healthy lunches and snacks. By including portable healthy lunch items and snacks in your child's sack lunch, you can help manage the sugary and acidic foods your child eats. If your child eats in the school cafeteria, review healthy, balanced food choices with him before the first day of school to help reinforce healthy habits.

4. Secure a properly fitting mouth guard. For many children, a new school year also marks the start of sports leagues and other physical activities, such as PE class. To keep teeth protected and prevent a painful injury, a well-fitting mouth guard is essential.

5. Schedule biannual checkups with your dentist. While home dental care is extremely important to your child's health, it is still necessary to schedule time to see the dentist. A dentist will thoroughly clean and examine your child’s teeth and address any potential issues like cavities or gum disease. Catching and treating these problems early will prevent them from escalating in the future.

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“It is never too early to start protecting your child’s teeth through checkups, regular brushing and preventive care,” said Dr. Suh. “Heading back to school in the fall is a great time for parents to revisit their child's dental health and ensure they are taking the necessary measures to maintain a healthy smile."

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