The Latest Study of the Bulgarian Advertising Market Suggests: "Relocate Your Resources to Improve Efficiency"

Sofia, Bulgaria, August 03, 2013 --( Havas Worldwide Digital Sofia has announced the results of its “Bulgaria’s digital advertising market” study, analysing a dozen of researches in order to explain the behaviour of the Bulgarian advertisers. According to it, although brands in Bulgaria have improved their web presence, they are still "far away" from their customers’ habits. Indeed, while Bulgarians are particularly active and reactive online, the top 20 advertisers in Bulgaria are spending on average only 2% of their total advertising budget for digital campaigns, compared to a European average of 24%. /Source: IAB/

Investigating the behaviour of the Bulgarian online population, Havas has found that while 78% are on Facebook, only half of the biggest 10 banks are active on the biggest social network. Despite of the fact that brands in Bulgaria have amended more and more their strategy in the direction of new media, they still seem to be too far from building a relationship with their customers. The findings show that while 61% of Bulgarians are inclined to find out more about a product they’ve seen advertised online, most of the companies in Bulgaria are not eager to promote through the web. /Source: Ipsos Bulgaria/

“This research shows that the best option for the companies to create an influential advertising strategy is to form a dialogue with their customers. The special relationship that Bulgarian users are requesting could easily be delivered through the digital channels. The report shows that Bulgarian users are very active and engaged with online advertisements, so it is up to the advertisers to play their part” commented Alexandre Glas, head of Arena Media Bulgaria, media agency, specialised in digital media presence and digital content.

To carry out its analysis, Havas has combined the data from reputable sources /Mediascope, IAB, Ipsos, Thinkdigital, International Telecommunication Union, The World Bank/ with the information of an own survey. The results of the analysis are easy to access in the form of infographic that you could find here.

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