Free Book Teaches How to Make Fast Money with Wholesale Real Estate

Real estate investor training website, Cash Flow Depot, offers a free book entitled "Flip Deals" by Jackie Lange. The book shares 7 simple steps to make money in real estate even with no cash, credit, or a license.

Dallas, TX, August 03, 2013 --( Cash Flow Depot, a leading real estate investor training company, announces its free book offering to site visitors who subscribe to the site’s online learning program. The free book is entitled "Flip Deals" and is written by Cash Flow Depot general manager and real estate expert, Jackie Lange. The book essentially teaches 7 simple steps to creating a monthly cash flow out of wholesale real estate deals even without capital, credit, experience or a license.

"Flip Deals" gives attention to the risk-free ways of making money in real estate, highlighting the fact that there’s no need to buy a house to earn substantial profits in real estate. Readers will learn how to start from scratch and make money in a month’s time. Readers will also learn the author’s tried and tested techniques such as the easiest ways to find motivated sellers, how to find dirt cheap houses, how to sell a house in 7 days, how to get 100 people to work for free, and many more.

“Anyone who’s ready to stop struggling financially can learn my success formula in 7 easy steps,” says book author Jackie Lange. “Readers will discover the missing links to real estate investing success and start earning profitably. What’s great about my system is that risk free transactions are given more focus. By following the lessons and with consistent effort, it truly is possible to make good money in real estate.”

Jackie Lange considers real estate investing as one of the best things that have ever happened in her life. She used to be a bored, stay-at-home mom, who wanted to be financially independent. Jackie met brilliant real estate investor, Jack Miller, and together the dynamic duo decided to form Cash Flow Depot. Jackie shares her 16-year investing experience to the company and is passionate about teaching people the various success formulas she has devised through the years.

Presently, Cash Flow Depot is the only place where people can learn from successful real estate investors. These real estate experts include Lonnie Scruggs, Peter Fortunato, Dyches Boddiford, David Tilney, and Prentiss Yates. Each of these investors has his own specialty in real estate investing, which can be beneficial to Cash Flow Depot students and members.

Robert G of San Antonio, Texas has good words for Jackie. “I started my real estate career/flipping because of Jackie and this year I have made over $30,000. I live in San Antonio, and on my very first deal, Jackie answered a question I had..Well I made $6,950 on that deal, and I was hooked.”

Cash Flow Depot’s free book offering, "Flip Deals," is basically a complete step-by-step guide that teaches how to make substantial profits in real estate without the need for cash, loans, and a license. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange herself at 1-888-282-1881 for more information.

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