Grand Canyon 123 Posts New List of Summer Tour Deals

The summer travel season is now in full swing at Grand Canyon National Park. Don't be charged a premium for guided excursions like helicopter rides, rafting trips, airplane flights and bus rides. Take advantage of these operator-offered discounts.

Las Vegas, NV, August 05, 2013 --( With summer travel peaking at all U.S. National Parks, Grand Canyon 123, a leading provider of discount tour information, announced today the release of a new set of deals designed to make trips at the canyon more affordable.

Currently, there are a number of specials that discount helicopter tours by up to 30 percent. "Helicopters are the most unique way to view the canyon," said Keith Kravitz, owner of Grand Canyon 123. "They fly at a lower altitude than airplanes and take passengers to places inaccessible on foot."

There are two kinds of helicopter tours: Aerial and landing. "Aerial tours are great for travelers who have limited time for sightseeing," Kravitz noted. "Landing packages, which are my favorite, let you see and do more, especially the ones that land at the bottom of the West Rim."

One-day rafting tours are now available at up to a 10-percent discount. "The best rafting day trips are at the South Rim," Kravitz said. "The most inexpensive option is a bus/raft combination package. However, if budget permits, consider the one that combines an airplane ride with a Jeep 4x4 trip and rafting excursion."

In general, airplane tours are less expensive than helicopter tours, and yet these flights are marked down, too. "Planes can accommodate up to 19 people and are the fastest way to sightsee the National Park," Kravitz noted. "And, like helicopter rides, there are aerial and landing versions."

Bus tours from Las Vegas and Phoenix to the canyon are the most economical way to visit the Park. If booked in advance and online, though, travelers can reap savings up to 20% off retail.

"Las Vegas bus tours go to the West Rim and the South Rim while Phoenix tours go only to the South Rim and include a stop in Sedona," Kravitz said. "These trips take at least 12 hours to complete so don't get too ambitious and schedule additional activities in the evening."

Tours to the Grand Canyon depart daily from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Tusayan, Arizona, which is also known as the gateway to the South Rim. From Las Vegas, travelers can opt for tours to the West Rim or the South Rim. It should be noted that helicopters do not fly direct to the South Rim as it's out of range. Tusayan-based trips stay focused on the South Rim only.

Grand Canyon tours should be booked in advance in order to get the right trip at the preferred day and time of departure. “Typically, I advise clients and readers to purchase their tour at least a week in advance,” said Kravitz. “At all costs, try to avoid buying within 24 hours of departure as in all likelihood it will be either sold out or sold at a premium.”

In order to lock in savings, Kravitz noted that there’s a particular ordering process that travelers should consider following.

“There are two simple when it comes to getting promotional pricing,” Kravitz said. “First and foremost, buy it online and in advance. Second, make absolutely sure to complete the transaction online. Failure to do so can result in being charged the full retail rate.”

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