Earn Money with Jack Miller’s "Wealth without Risks"

Cash Flow Depot, an online learning website on real estate investing, re-launches the book, "Wealth without Risks," by Jack Miller. The book teaches how to earn money in real estate with the use of power options.

Dallas, TX, August 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Cash Flow Depot, a company specializing in real estate investor training for 6 successful years, re-launches the book, "Wealth without Risks," by a brilliant writer, speaker, and legendary real estate investor, Jack Miller. The book discusses the different ways of using power options to earn money and build a fortune in real estate while avoiding risks.

Jack Miller’s “options” seminars were always well-attended in the past, and can be greatly attributed for his title as a “legend” in real estate investing. Jack was able to devise strategies and craft creative deals with the use of “options,” teaching investors to earn money in real estate minus the risks. Jack considers “options” as the better way to acquire properties and the key to profitable investing.

"Wealth without Risks" explains the world of options in a light and engaging manner. It begins by discussing profitable investing and focuses greatly on the various lease and option strategies to capture most real estate benefits. There’s one chapter entirely for leases, and another specifically to tackle options. The various concepts are taught in a step-by-step approach for easy understanding of the topics.

“Learn how you can use options to earn money in real estate risk free,” says Cash Flow Depot general manager, Jackie Lange. “Lease and options are Jack Miller’s specialty as he was able to gain wealth because of these two important concepts in real estate. In 'Wealth without Risks,' you will discover creative solutions to profitable investing and will be taught what to do to make money and how to do it,” Jackie says further.

"Wealth without Risks" is currently being offered in paperback and any eBook format, priced at $24.97 and $12.97 respectively. For eBook buyers, the book is available in all models of Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Jet Book Lite Reader, Sony, and many other ePUB Readers like Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader, Franklin eBookman, iPads, Android Tablets using Aldiko, Palm Devices, and older Sony models. Cash Flow Depot’s partnership with Next Century Publishing has made it possible for them to deliver the books in the buyer’s choice of format.

“All our real estate investor books are now available in all digital formats and paperback as we found that there is a need for this,” says Jackie Lange. “This will not only help us to promote our books better, but to increase as well our readers’ viewing pleasure while responding to their budget limitations. There are buyers who prefer the paperback copies because they like that particular format while there are also readers who prefer the eBook versions because they’re cheaper. By teaming up with Next Century Publishing, we are able to answer to the various needs of our market and make our books more accessible to all those who want to learn about real estate investing.”

"Wealth without Risks" teaches how to earn money by using options to boost yields, avoid ownership liability, capture equity, income, and convert income to capital gain while avoiding risks. For more information about the book, visit http://www.cashflowdepot.com/store/e-book-products/wealth-without-risks-e-book.aspx or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1881.

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