Eastern National Publishes "The War of 1812: Official National Park Service Handbook"

Fort Washington, PA, August 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Eastern National has released a new publication, "The War of 1812: Official National Park Service Handbook." This new book features essays by 12 prominent American and Canadian historians exploring key themes and stories of the War of 1812, from the development of Canadian and American national identities and the emergence of the United States as a military and economic power, to policies of Indian removal that emerged in its aftermath. Through abundant illustrations and area maps, this publication highlights National Park Service and Parks Canada sites that preserve and protect many stories and places important to understanding and experiencing the War of 1812. The book features an introduction written by National Park Service Director, Jonathan Jarvis.

"The War of 1812: Official National Park Service Handbook" invites American and international audiences better understand the contemporary significance of the War of 1812. This conflict is often dismissed as a “forgotten war,” sandwiched between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and at face value rarely resonates with modern and especially youthful audiences. However, as this volume explores, the War of 1812 gave birth to enduring national symbols such as the Star-Spangled Banner, and troubling and pervasive legacies such as Indian removal policy. Many questions raised during the early 19th century – what does it mean to be American? What is the role of this nation in a global political and economic community? How must democracy be protected? – relate to and continue to challenge contemporary audiences.

“This definitive publication provides a broad picture of the War of 1812, and invites readers to learn more about the ‘forgotten war’ by visiting national park sites which interpret the history,” said Kevin Kissling, Chief Operating Officer of Eastern National.

"The War of 1812: Official National Park Service Handbook" is soft cover, 160 pages. It is available now for $12.95 at eParks.com. For more information about this publication and other Eastern National products, visit eParks.com or call 1-877-NAT-PARK (877-628-7275). Wholesale opportunities are also available.

Eastern National is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) cooperating association, whose mission is to promote the public’s understanding and appreciation of America’s national parks and other public trusts. Operating educational and interpretive bookstores in over 150 national parks in the eastern part of the United States, Eastern National donates its profits from these operations to aid the interpretive, scientific, and historical mission of the National Park Service and other public trust partners. Since Eastern National’s founding in 1947, it has donated over $105 million to the National Park Service. Visit www.EasternNational.org for more information on Eastern National’s products and services.
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Mark Vineburg