Poll Shows 1 in 3 Make Insurance Claims

A new poll by Wise Insurance Quotes shows that more than one in three respondents has made an insurance claim.

Las Vegas, NV, August 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- More than one in three consumers has made a claim to their insurance company, according to a new poll by insurance news website Wise Insurance Quotes.com. The high volume of claims is blamed by the insurance industry for higher insurance premiums.

Insurance customers often complain about high premiums and even higher deductibles, but as the industry undergoes a series of sweeping changes, consumers are also making claims at nearly a record pace. The tough economy takes part of the blame, while consumer discontent with the industry may also be a factor.

Some 40% of respondents said they have made a claim for damages or a loss to a home car or other property at some time. The large number of consumers making claims may come as a surprise to those outside of the industry, but insurance business insiders are hardly taken by surprise.

However, 60% of respondents said they had not made a claim at all to their insurance carriers. Higher insurance quotes for policies, however, are being cut with the innovative technology of Wise Insurance Quotes.

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