Bare Basics Lingerie Now Offer Expert Fitting for Nursing Bras

Vancouver, Canada, August 05, 2013 --( Vancouver-based lingerie provider Bare Basics Lingerie has recently announced that the company is providing a new fitting service for clients searching for the ideal nursing bra. Bare Basics Lingerie’s new fitting service for nursing bras, sports bras and all other in-store pieces are offered at both their locations by their expert fitters.

For new moms it can be exceptionally difficult to find nursing bras that fit comfortably. The changing shape and size of the breast during pregnancy means that a custom fit bra is recommended to ensure optimal support. This is important during the nursing stage as a great bra will provide optimal neck and shoulder comfort for the new mom as well as providing convenient access for breast feeding. And now new moms across Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, and White Rock can find that stylish, great-fitting bra through the team at Bare Basics Lingerie.

With their fitting services and great selection of nursing bras, Bare Basics Lingerie is now the ideal resource for new moms looking for comfortable, stylish undergarments. The fitters at Bare Basics Lingerie have been trained so well that they’re able to take a quick glance at the client’s body to determine their exact bra size. They communicate directly with the client to determine their preferred style, whether it’s that elegant lace bra or a comfortable molded piece that rests smoothly against the skin. Then, utilizing their experience and fitting knowledge, they determine the size of bra the client should be wearing and bring in a selection of styles to suit their unique wearing needs. The expert in-house fitting specialist will then adjust the straps to meet the client’s comfort level. With the company’s exceptionally varied style selection, the perfect bra is ready and waiting to be discovered at Bare Basics Lingerie.

To learn more about Bare Basics Lingerie, please contact the company directly via either their Vancouver or Richmond locations or visit their website at
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Sandy Hosein