Dark World International Announces the Release of "2nd Take" by Deemed Psychotic

Dark World International is proud to announce the digital release of "2nd Take" from hard rockers Deemed Psychotic.

Bantry, Ireland, August 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Hard rockers Deemed Psychotic have digitally released "2nd Take" on iTunes and in China on Wa3.cn. Long anticipated by fans and band members, "2nd Take" proves to be an album worth waiting for. Deemed Psychotic's signature sound is there, resplendent with guitars and keys fusing into sublime perfection and produced with a fuller, richer sound than ever before.

"2nd Take" is a testament to Deemed Psychotic's unrivaled rock arena sound. To the observant listener, it's evident the songwriting brother/sister team of KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra have been influenced by the 70s massive rock bands. Driving bass akin to Rush and dominant keyboards harking back to Deep Purple are heard throughout "2nd Take." Paired with the commanding vocals of Kylyra reminiscent of Ann Wilson's siren vocals in Heart and KarrArikh Tor's gritty melodies, "2nd Take" shows Deemed Psychotic's sound has matured like a fine wine, ripening into a heady mixture of progressive rock. The album rolls in with the brilliant "Over the Moon," a colossal song that effortlessly flows through dramatic bridges into high-octane vocals. Epic songs like "Blind Faith," backed by a string ensemble, and "Frankie," with its Wild West flavored guitars, show off KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra's finesse at dramatic song writing. Obvious singles on the album, like "Silly Mind Games" and "Big Shot Says," burst out with instantaneous appeal. Lyrically darker than Deemed Psychotic's first release, "The 1st," "2nd Take" manages to deal with serious subjects with neither depressing nor insulting the listener. "Monsters" deals with greed and the corruption of modern society on people's lives, "Plugging Into the National Grid" relates a story of mental illness and prescription drug abuse, and "The Kids of Today," a polished version of an on-line favorite "rough" recorded song, discusses the angst and alienation of teenage existence. It's not all dark, though. "House of Sand," a beguiling song with heartfelt vocals, and "The Lighter Side of Life," with its Guns 'n' Roses guitar intro, both deal with friendship. Ending on the earnest "Touchstone," a song that speaks of the strong connection the brother/sister team of KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra feel for each other, "2nd Take" leaves listeners on a positive, hopeful note.

Fans will easily hear the production changes made to Deemed Psychotic on "2nd Take." According to producer Kristi Ameringer, "The songs Deemed Psychotic brought into the studio for '2nd Take' were far more dramatic than their earlier material. 'Blind Faith' included a backing string ensemble, and 'Frankie' and 'Over the Moon' both ran through several movements. I felt the band needed a smoother sound to reflect these tracks."

KarrArikh Tor and Kylyra agree. "The songs became so much bigger. It was not something we intended, sit songs like 'Blind Faith' and 'Frankie' just grew into what we now have, multipart epics… '2nd Take' has more bridge use (and) extended lead sections," according to KarrArikh. Kylyra adds, "We probably went a bit overboard in the studio. I took six tracks just to lay down the string section for 'Blind Faith.'"

Production changes alone don't account for the long time lapse between the release of "The 1st" and "2nd Take." In addition to overwriting for the album, Kylyra and KarrArikh Tor were caught up in other projects. Kylyra dedicated three years to an Irish charity, worked on TechnoKy, and released her debut novel, "The Demon of Petty Disturbances: Doh-da." KarrArikh Tor wrote and released "Spiral Default 2013" with Infinisynth as well as his new solo project, "Tor's Angst." "I had begun to wonder myself if we would ever get 2nd Take out. I was always happy that the advance mixes seemed to be liked online, Silly Mind Games being the top download. I know the release took us longer to finish than planned with the band recording more tracks than we could use, but I feel the final 2nd Take is a great listen and the songs flow well," states KarrArikh.

Dark World International is proud to announce the release of "2nd Take" from Deemed Psychotic. This masterful album reflects the classic progressive rock sound that inspired it. "2nd Take" is now digitally available on iTunes and in China on Wa3.cn. Visit www. darkworld.com for more information.

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