Elioplus Launches Platform to Connect Vendors, Software and Hardware, with Resellers, VARs and Distributors

Elioplus plans to become a destination website for professionals in the indirect channel industry and for companies actively looking for business partners.

San Francisco, CA, August 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The idea of Elioplus begun to take shape a couple of years ago, when the founders of the project were browsing through thousands of products and services from established companies and innovative startups to add to their internet marketing agency portfolio. But the whole process was tedious and ineffective.

The focus is to create a platform where you can discover great partnership opportunities at ease and efficiently. You can search between different industries to find the right programs that fit your company needs and read the respectively reviews and ratings from other users to help you collect more data for your decision.

The long term vision is to develop a platform where users can compare different vendors and the diversity of their product features. On the other hand, to provide vendor companies with tools to grow their domestic channel or even open a new market. The company is planning to roll out new features that will help vendors to attract high quality partner leads and close the loop of missing opportunities.
Finally, Elioplus is especially committed to helping startups grow their indirect channel. Because startups lack the experience and resources to create efficiently channel programs and promote their offerings, it is common that they constantly miss opportunities that are significant for their revenues and their viability. Elioplus plans to empower startups with the correct strategy and tools to recruit business partners from their respective industry and to penetrate into new markets.
Elias Ndreu