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Ozeal Glasses' Sub-Brand Ospirit Debuts with Vibrantly Vintage Glasses

Ozeal Glasses launched its sub-brand-Ospirit, a designer brand that includes all vibrantly vintage glasses.

New York, NY, August 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ospirit, a sub-brand of Ozeal Glasses, has stepped into the market with a competitive range of fashionable glasses. Vintage glasses styles include cat eye glasses and nerd glasses.

Ospirit’s goal is to bring designer glasses and prescription glasses together in one neat package. Within this new collection, they have cat eye glasses which have made a big comeback. Just take a look at the stars of today. This particular style of vintage glasses is known to really emphasize one’s femininity and give your face an extra boost of sex appeal. These glasses are made from highly durable plastic and weigh less than 30g. Light weight frames are always a plus especially if you need to wear your glasses all day or for extended periods of time.

There are a large number of people who need to wear prescription glasses and think they look like a complete nerd. Instead of trying to find the perfect pair of fashionable glasses, they go for the nerdiest pair of glasses out there. Being outright dorky is seen as a proactive means of keeping finger pointers at bay. It’s this trend that made nerd glasses such a popular choice and they don’t look half bad, in retrospect. In fact, they can really give your face a sexy makeover. It’s also believed that these glasses give you a more intellectual appearance.

Shoppers on the hunt for practical and reasonably priced designer glasses can browse through Ospirit’s range with ease. The site is very user-friendly and the product images are plentiful. By holding the mouse cursor over a particular image, it will automatically scroll to the side view. If you want to take a look from the front again, just move your mouse off the picture.

Should shoppers wish to read up more about a particular frame, all it takes is a click of the mouse on that product’s picture. This will take you to a page dedicated to that particular product. You will find a full description of the style, materials used and even more product pictures to check out. In addition to this, there is the virtual try on feature. You can use the default pictures provided or upload your own photo from your computer or take one with your webcam. This way you can see what they will look like on you before you buy!

To read more about this new range of stylish glasses, check out this link: http://www.ozealglasses.co.uk/designer-glasses-ospirit
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Aaron Wang