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Ozeal Glasses Promotes Its Sub-brands: Ospirit and Foncité in Both UK and US

Ozeal Glasses launched its two sub-brands-Ospirit and Foncité in both UK and US market.

New York, NY, August 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal Glasses sub-brands, Ospirit and Foncité, are making their eyeglasses online available to both UK and US markets. Now residents of both of these countries will be able to get their hands on these fashionable glasses.

The company offers an extensive range of designer glasses. Such styles include popular vintage glasses and classic nerd glasses too. For anyone looking to buy eyeglasses online, this store has a wide variety of the latest fashions and classics to choose from. One of their popular ranges is the fresh and exciting Foncité range.

Foncité glasses are truly sophisticated and in a class of their own. Compared to other eyeglasses online, they have stylish, intricate designs and are kept at a nice light weight so as not to weigh your face down. There are few things in this world worse than having to wear a pair of heavy frames all day. Heavy frames tend to become especially uncomfortable on hot days and around the nose and temple areas. High quality materials are used when manufacturing these designer glasses. Some are made solely from a high grade plastic or lightweight metal while others are composed of a combination of materials to maximize comfort and keep the frames super light.

This range of glasses is available for both men and women. The site offers a whole host of clear product pictures from various angles to make life easier for those who buy eyeglasses online. This range was designed with vintage glasses styles, like nerd glasses, in mind. By blending basic popular glasses shapes with some more modern touches, accents and patterns, these fashionable glasses are likely to make a big splash in the US and on the other side of the pond as well.

Purchasing eyeglasses online is also made easier through this site’s helpful virtual try on feature. Whenever shopping for glasses, it is imperative that you try them on and take a look at yourself in the mirror to make sure that they suit the shape of your face. This handy feature allows site visitors to upload a picture of themselves and check out how their new pair will look before they finalize their decision.

To take a look at this bold, exquisite new line of elite eyeglasses, follow the link below and check out the wide variety they have to offer.

Ozeal Glasses
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