J.D. Associates - The Latest Dynamics for Retail AX2012 Heavyweight to Commit to the "AX Alliance"

Retail Realm’s innovative “AX Alliance” initiative to benefit from J.D. Associates’ 25+ years’ retail and Point of Sale experience.

Napa, CA, August 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Retail Realm (www.rrdisti.com) is proud to have secured J.D. Associates’ (www.jdapos.com) commitment to become the latest member of its “AX Alliance” (the global retail consortium comprising of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail (AX2012) POS and ERP partners, ISVs, academic institutions and other retail industry experts founded by Retail Realm).

Two and a half decades ago, John Deery (the “J.D.” in J.D. Associates), then a retailer himself, recognized the positive effect on profits of being able to track and move inventory around efficiently and became an early adopter of point of sale technology for use in his own stores. It was not long before he realized that a business opportunity lay on the other side of the fence, took the plunge and rode the crest of the POS technology wave. He joined forces with Don Capman (President, J.D. Associates) along the way, growing the company from 1 employee to the extremely efficient 16 strong workforce it has today; its client base from zero to the 500 retailers (i.e. 1500 store doors, accounting for multiples) whose POS technology needs J.D. Associates looks after 7 days/week. “What has been truly impressive about J.D. Associates,” says Rachel Smith, Retail Realm’s Director of Sales for North America, “is the company’s ability to extend its geographical reach, working across time zones from its Leominster, Massachusetts base to connect specialty retailers with the right retail point of sale solutions for their businesses (guiding clients from acquisition both of software and hardware to installation, training and support) across the whole of North America, Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. J.D. Associates is a true microcosm of what the AX Alliance has set its sights on becoming on a global scale. I’d go even further to say that J.D. Associates and the AX Alliance make for a perfect marriage.”

The truly distinguishing characteristic about J.D. Associates, when you speak to any of the company’s staff members, is the thoughtful approach they have to each customer they deal with, committing 100% of their attention and energy, heart and soul. This attitude to business permeates the very fabric of the company and it is not surprising to learn, therefore, that more than half of the employees have worked with J.D. Associates for 8 years or longer. This has provided a level of continuity and peace of mind for the retailer/client, which manifests itself in the fact that many J.D. Associates/retail client relationships have now passed the 10 year mark. Couple this with J.D. Associates’ in-depth retail knowledge and expertise across many vertical markets: apparel, gifts, sporting goods, shoe stores, pet supplies, garden centers, gourmet food stores with integral café/restaurants (to name but a few) and their ability to get the very best business intelligence about what’s selling and what’s not, what can be upsold or cross sold by running easy reports throughout the day and you have a recipe for retailing success.

The goal J.D. Associates has of providing end to end retail solutions perfectly mirrors the mission of the AX Alliance. As Don Capman, President of J.D. Associates said, in recognition of this synergy: “By becoming a member of the AX Alliance team, J.D. Associates is very pleased to join an elite group of seasoned technology professionals who insist on providing the best business solutions and services to retailers throughout North America and beyond.”

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About Retail Realm: For almost two decades multinational company, Retail Realm, has specialized in creating and managing a portfolio of vertical business software solutions that are marketed worldwide through a community of resellers. Retail Realm is a leading distributor of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. The company has also adopted additional add-ons and stand-alone products developed by leading companies that enhance or integrate with RMS and/or Dynamics for Retail.

In 2012, Retail Realm formed the AX Alliance (www.rrdisti.com/axalliance): A global professional consortium of retail experts, consisting of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail (AX2012) POS and ERP partners, ISVs, academic institutions, and industry related associated members. The goal: To provide a platform whereby AX Alliance members combine their unique areas of expertise and experience to work collaboratively on the types of contracts that no single company could tackle on its own.

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