IDaaS Adapter Library Updated with Advanced Versions of Active Directory, LDAP, MySQL

Cloud security firm updates growing federated adapter library with database, infrastructure connectors

Los Angeles, CA, August 09, 2013 --( Cloud security leader CloudAccess announced the release of advanced versions of several federated database and platform connectors for their cloud-based Identity Management (IDaaS) and Access Management (single sign on) offerings.

The updated connectors for such popular and heavily leveraged infrastructure applications and platforms such as Active Directory (AD), LDAP, MySQL, and Linux RedHat now promote greater granular access capabilities and SAML federated integration with identity management functions across the enterprise.

“This means that whatever platform a company uses as its information database to maintain users, accounts, groups, CloudAccess has a fluid, synchronous control mechanism to manage credentials and authentication,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. “This latest upgrade better facilitates automatic provisioning, reconciliation and password management.”

The connectors facilitate important security functions such as the assigning of certain privileges to certain applications and data based on corporate role or need-to-know policies. Using these cloud-based functions, the typically laborious process is automatic and instantaneous throughout an enterprise. This includes the on-demand creation and removal of user accounts, maintenance of passwords (including user self-service) and reporting for compliance audits.

“We support bulk imports and bi-directional synchronization of credentials, passwords across multiple applications,” Nikkhoo noted. “Using a single click, the rights of a single user, entire division, or any group needing unique access privileges can be easily and quickly secured.”

Although the connectors are a component of an identity management solution (CloudIDM), the seamless integration with CloudAccess’ Access Management (CloudAM) solution ensures the continuous control of user credential protection across an enterprise regardless of size, hierarchical complexity or operational preferences. It also promotes authentication best practices, centralizes management of an application portfolio and satisfies regulatory compliance.

There is no other company that currently provides a multi-tenant cloud security option for both identity and access management as an integrated solution set.

Currently CloudAccess promotes federated access connectors for several dozen popular applications. Additionally, using the company’s proprietary identity gateway solution, hundreds of legacy and web applications are additionally enabled for credential administration (identity management) and enterprise access distribution (access management).

Contact CloudAccess at to schedule a demo for the integrated identity management and access management solutions or call 877-550-2568 for more information.
Scott Davis
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