Finding American Made Products Online Becomes a Lot Easier with NoCargo

New York, NY, August 10, 2013 --( Buying products made in the USA is becoming more and more popular as Americans recognize the importance of supporting national businesses in order to help create more jobs and stimulate the US economy. President Obama recently acknowledged this fact in his speech on July 24, 2013 when he said "Now, over the past four years, for the first time since the 1990s, the number of American manufacturing jobs has actually gone up instead of down." He also spoke about his focus on strategies, like tax code rewards, to ensure that US companies are insourcing "to help more manufacturers bring more jobs back to the United States."

Now patriotic Americans looking to support the "Buy American" movement can shop a wide variety of products made in the USA from NoCargo, a new ecommerce business with the goal of supporting the American economy. NoCargo's ecommerce web site,, is fast becoming the "go to" online marketplace for shoppers to buy cool, hip and high quality American made products all in one place.

Inspired by a World News segment about how the news team fulfilled a college freshman's wish to decorate her dorm room with all American made products after her search for such products came up empty, Jamie Levine founded NoCargo as a one stop online destination for high quality products made in the USA. What she learned along the way, she found simply refreshing.

"The beauty of American made products is in the craftsmanship," Jamie affirms. "While researching American brands, I learned a lot about manufacturing. It amazed me to see the artistry and brilliance in the details. From the meticulous selection of the components like wood for a piece of furniture to French seams (which hide the edges for a neat finish) on a garment, the fine points are actually what make the USA made products that we carry so special."

When you buy products made in America, you know you are getting the highest quality because manufacturers adhere to the USA's high-level environmental standards. The American government also doesn't tolerate child labor or unsafe working conditions. Plus, avoiding overseas shipments reduces our global carbon footprint for a healthier environment. (The connotation behind NoCargo's brand name.)

Surprisingly, the World News report tracked the college freshman's purchases compared with her roommates, whose side of the room was decorated with products from abroad and found there was actually $100 in total savings in buying the American products versus the products made abroad.

Jamie points out that "economists say that if every one of us just spent an extra $3.33 on USA made products every year, it would create nearly 10,000 new jobs in America. Think what it would do if you were to spend that little every month. Not only would you be helping the commonwealth, you would also be enjoying the benefits of a superior made product.

Just like NoCargo's tagline says, "American makes pretty neat stuff."

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