SacredFashion ↂ Anna Gordon at North Carolina Festivals

Asheville, NC, August 10, 2013 --( SacredFashion ↂ Anna Gordon will be unveiling some brand new items from her women’s wearable art collection at several different Music and Art Festivals the Weekend of August 9-11th. The list of Festivals include Camp Neon in Marion, NC, Activation in Ferguson, NC, and Big Rock Candy Mountain in Mills River, NC. SacredFashion will have women’s tank tops and tee shirts on display at all of the Festivals mentioned.

SacredFashion is created by some of Asheville’s best artist including D3PO, Apollo Breeze, and Akasha. Members from the SacredFashion team will be available at the events this weekend selling and displaying clothing, or to answer any questions. Ryan and Ivy will be in attendance at Camp Neon. Kelsi and Kelly will be at the Activation Festival. Chris will be at the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

SacredFashion will be attending many more Music and Arts Festivals throughout the Summer of 2013. SacredFashion will continue to update their website with the latest in their clothing designs and fashion news. Expect a new online store very soon.

SacredFashion ↂ Anna Gordon produces ready-to-wear and print-on-demand fashion products. SacredFashion was founded by both Anna Gordon and Jonah Bolt in early 2013. SacredFashion ↂ Anna Gordon creates stunning, sustainably produced clothing with mainstream appeal. Products incorporate
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