"New Discoveries" in Science and Medicine: Cosmetologist Discovers a Common Link Between All Skin Disorders and the Cause of Natural Occurring Disease and Aging

Introduction of a new medical art form announced in a new book by Donald L. Gigante, a licensed cosmetologist. Medical discoveries and patent pending treatments are being released in the new book: "Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types." Initial release available at booktango. This guide goes way deeper than skin problems, to the source. This guide explains in laymen terms, what he believes causes "most" natural occurring disease, both internally and externally, in humans and animals.

Verona, WI, August 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Winter 2009 Donald Louis Gigante was featured on the cover of: "Healthy Lifestyles Magazine"

Recognized for his work as a complete, head to foot, Make Over Artist: Cover Story: "The MichelAngelo of Hair Body Skin" Donald Louis Gigante, More than just a MakeOver Artist".
(article at dongigante.com)

What Mr. Gigante uncovered in September of 2011 is nothing short of what he believes to be "the Greatest Medical Discovery In History."

Donald discovered, that some acne, most natural occurring disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, muscle problems, nerve problems, chronic pain, to natural occurring internal disease, may "all" be connected.

And the list of diseases and symptoms this discovery may affect he claims, "is virtually endless."

Most importantly Mr Gigante's believes his "Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types" provides a clear medical understanding between the connections of his discoveries to most natural diseases, including what he believes to be the "true cause to natural effects of aging."

His guide "Advanced skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types" is the official introduction to an "entire new medical science, and patent pending new medical art form."

Mr. Gigante's discovery of parasitic colonies found just under the surface of the skin, which he found to be a constant, and present in every client and model he has serviced.

The patent pending cures are the systematic and "regular" removal of, and protection from, parasitic infections in the bodies of humans and animals.

Donald found a constant between every skin disorder he had ever encountered, and his license in massage allowed him to explore the depths of the connections into the epidermis, dermis and as deep as the nervous system and muscles.

The connection to disease he believes is "Microscopic parasitic colonies interfering with the bodies natural systems and controls."

His Guide: "Advanced Skin Guide for All Ages And Skin Types" is not only for beauty, but Donald believes "will also effect wellness throughout the entire body."

Don also discovered in his research that what happens on the outside of the body such as tumors and fungus, happens on the inside of the body as well.

Mr. Gigante compares "his system to the art of dentistry, both home care and doctor visits." He also states, that very much like tooth decay, "no one is exempt from these parasitic infections or need for a regular or daily care."

Mr. Gigante also states that "the random zits or acne we have have all had throughout our lives, at one time or another, that did not come out, just reburied themselves are actually the tips of the icebergs of his new discoveries."

Mr Gigante asserts, "These original discoveries, treatments and routines released in his Guide, will not only give the user their best skin possible, this new medical art form will change all aspects of medicine forever."

Mr. Gigante has found that current hygiene and cosmetic products on the market do not have anti-parisitic properties and can actually spread the parasites, verses kill and protect the user from parasitic infection from ones own self, or from person to person.

Mr. Gigante's patent pending products and copyrighted systems will in turn include regular anti-parisitics in both natural, and pharmaceutical forms.

Products under his patent pending, and copyrights will include but are not limited to, hygiene and cosmetic products on the market, as well as new medical procedures, medical products, vaccinations, and regular at home care.

Mr. Gigante is currently researching all major manufactures and pharmaceutical companies that meet his "Licensing Requirements."

Products will be available as soon as reasonable agreements are made for world wide distribution, with affordability to the end user being a main requirement.

Mr. Gigante's results have been achieved very inexpensively.

Doctors and skin professionals will be required to be Licensed in this Patent Pending, and copyrighted "New Medical Art Form" education and training can scheduled by contacting him through his website dongigante.com.

Donald Gigante's ultimate goal is to make these products available and affordable for the fair benefit of everyone on the planet.

Mr. Gigante can easily explain to any medical panel in laymen terms, as to how this discovery fits into all current medical research and models.

Don Gigante has been self and client funded and has made these new discoveries completely on his own.

Please visit dongigante.com to obtain a copy of his skin guide or insight as to how he made these medical discoveries. For customer reviews, before/after pictures, articles or to support this New Medical Art Form.

"Advanced Skin Guide For All Ages And Skin Types"
By Donald Louis Gigante
Donald L. Gigante