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At the new the reader will find a safe haven of vegan and vegan friendly products that will transform their love life into the natural sanctuary it was meant to be.

Coventry, United Kingdom, August 14, 2013 --( In collaboration with the Ethical Family Planning Association and RDO Medical, a new website, has now been launched. Vegan friendly sexual health products, including fair-trade condoms, vegan spermicide, lubricants, and more, all in one place.

Green products are all the rage, and consumers today want to know that the products they use will not damage the environment. Sexual health products are no exception. Hormonal contraceptives, lubricants, condoms, and spermicides can all contain harmful animal by-products and chemical ingredients that many would normally balk at - why allow them into the bedroom.There are aisles of sexual heath and enhancement products in every pharmacy, but until now, choices for the eco-conscious buyer were virtually non-existent.

With the new Vegan-love, the site caries a complete range of sexual health products that meet the highest ethical standards, including non-hormonal birth control solutions and sexual enhancement products, all with the Vegan-Love stamp of approval. The site boasts an easy buying experience, exceptional customer service, and clear information about each product.
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