Global Special Operations Leaders to Present at DSI's SOF Symposium

Defense Strategies Institute will hold its annual SOF symposium on November 5-6 in Alexandria, VA. This year's symposium will focus on the Global SOF Network and feature leaders from US and international special operations forces.

Alexandria, VA, August 14, 2013 --( As the role of SOF continues to be re-defined, it is important that forces benefit from the knowledge and experience of those deployed in disparate geographic locations.

DSI's Symposium will focus on the importance of creating a global SOF network, whereby operators and support staff across geographic regions have access and connectivity with each other and with SOCOM in order to more effectively conduct operations in support of their discreet geographic Combatant Commands as well as between and among partner nations.

The goal of the symposium is to help global SOF get away from episodic and intermittent touching of Allies and Partners and seek to create a coherent framework for enduring interoperability, relationships, and reciprocity
This symposium will provide a forum for SOF, its partners including Combatant Commands, USAID, Department of State, the IC, Partner Nations, and numerous NGO’s and other critical organizations necessary to achieving National goals.

Delegates will Benefit in the following ways:

• Hear from SOCOM and SO/LIC Leadership on Critical Capability Requirements
• Learn how Industry can support SOF priorities
• Work with the SOCOM Operational Planning Team to help meet their goals for an effective global SOF network
• Network and dialogue with colleagues and leaders from SOF, the Foreign Service, and Partner Nations
Defense Strategies Institute
Ron Gilpin