TriVest Folio - the New Age Analytics for Personal Investments

Simplifying the process of building a diversified portfolio of Mutual Funds and ETFs.

Mumbai, India, August 14, 2013 --( TriVest Folio has launched a personal investment tool to help investors build a diversified portfolio of Mutual Funds and ETFs. The tool makes it easy for any individual to be able to build and select a portfolio of funds suitable for their age and risk profile without the need for expensive investment advisors/portfolio managers or extensive prior knowledge about Mutual Fund investments.

TriVest Folio provides the framework for users to immediately choose between the top performing funds, carry out asset allocation and generate a fully diversified portfolio. They also provide a quick snapshot of returns offered by the selected portfolio versus other investment options such as fixed deposit interest rate, post office schemes and savings account so that you are aware of some of the other investment options available to you.

Once a portfolio is saved, TriVest Folio monitors the portfolio for the user and provides timely rebalancing alerts when a portfolio’s allocation is unbalanced. Weekly reports sent to the user’s email offer quick insight into the performance of the portfolio to ensure that everyone can remain on track to achieve their investment objectives and take the necessary actions when needed.

TriVest Folio was co-founded by Sandip Southekal and Siddharth Choksi as they were frustrated by the lack of options available in the Indian market to build a diversified portfolio for the long term. According to them, the options available were either too expensive as they would have had to hire an investment advisor or they just didn’t have the information available to them in order to make the decision. Through TriVest Folio, they want to provide an unbiased and reliable service and improve the quality of financial services in India purely through a web based model.
TriVest Folio
Sandip Southekal