Kickboxing and Martial Arts Studio in Sandy, Utah Offers Free Seminar to Clients and Community: Nutritional Eating Tips and Tools

iLoveKickboxingSandy and Personal Mastery Martial Arts supports Kickboxing clients and community members with their health and fitness goals through offering a free seminar on Nutritional Eating.

Sandy, UT, August 16, 2013 --( In their quest to help all of their Kickboxing clients create a healthier and happier lifestyle, iLoveKickboxingSandy and Personal Mastery Martial Arts recently offered a free seminar called Nutritional Eating Tips and Tools. The seminar focused on topics like when to eat, what to eat, meal preparation strategies, and what to buy when you go grocery shopping. The first in a series of seminars that will be offered on nutritional eating and healthy lifestyle choices, this seminar certainly helped Kickboxing clients learn how to maximize their workout time by supplementing their workout regimen with healthy food choices.

iLoveKickboxingSandy is a fitness facility focused on not only providing their clients with a great calorie-burning workout, but also with information and support in creating a healthy lifestyle. Before each new client begins class they sit down with an instructor to talk about their goals. During this meeting they don’t just discuss exercise habits, but they also talk about eating habits. Instructors are always telling their students that “you cannot out-train a bad diet.” Working out and eating right go hand-in-hand, you cannot have one without the other.

At the nutritional eating seminar offered on Saturday, taught by Nutritional Eating specialist Anissa Berriochoa, everyone in attendance was given an informational packet with information about nutritional eating do’s and don’ts. The packet also contained information like a shopping list, when fruits and vegetables are in season, and even a list of different ways to cook vegetables. Everyone who attended found this packet extremely helpful as a resource. One woman who attended the seminar said, “I enjoyed learning about ‘setting myself up for success’ when it comes to preparing my meals for weight loss. Anissa had a great packet prepared with some great tips and advice!”

Anissa had even more great information to offer the Kickboxing clients that would not fit in the packet. She posted healthy recipes on iLoveKickboxingSandy’s Pinterest page so that even those people who were unable to attend the free seminar could download recipes and create a healthier diet. To see these recipes just visit:

For more information about fitness kickboxing in Sandy check out the website:
Brett Lechtenberg