New Jersey Based Hip Hop Artist, Lost Hearts Set to Release New Mixtape Grow Up, Kid, Including New Single Late Night Love Affair, Drops September 10th

Myrtle Beach, SC, August 16, 2013 --( When NJ native Sean Sackmann set out to create Lost Hearts, he knew that he wanted it to be different than the "new era" of hip-hop artists that have defined the scene in recent years. Too many artists get into the game because they want that name recognition and easy fame, not because they love what they do and the art that they create. Lost Hearts is a project that takes just as much pride in the work ethic and craft of the songwriting, as in the experience of actually sitting back, popping the head phones on, and letting the music take you away.

Sean is no stranger to the hate bred from chasing your dreams, and he takes pride in staying true to himself at all costs. He knows that by following his dreams, his soul, and his voice, he will become a "lost heart" to those around him, but it's all worth it in the end. He channels this attitude into his music, creating catchy, melody driven tracks and the punch lines to go with it. The response has been stellar thus far, with fans eating up his iHeart Wednesday series, where a new video/lyric video is released every Wednesday. It's becoming a regular destination and is just a sign of bigger things to come.

When it comes to the new single "Late Night Love Affair", Sean knew that he would want to find an undeniable foundation, and tapping Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" turns out to be the perfect move. It's only appropriate that the video itself is a sort of wicked game as well. It’s a high-drama, post-apocalyptic clip that puts Sean at the rescue of a lady in distress and their quest to escape a gang full of ill-intent.

The new mixtape preparing to drop on September 10th is called Grow Up, Kid, and it promises to be a wild collection of songs that firmly cement this artist. With his partnership with production team The Audio Alchemists, Lost Hearts is accomplishing right before our eyes the kinds of things that artists are always striving for and claiming to achieve but in reality are just putting up a well scripted front. Lost Hearts is original, organic, memorable, and springing to life before our very eyes.

To find out more about Lost Hearts, visit the website here and see “Late Night Love Affair” on YouTube. You can also connect with Lost Hearts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. “Late Night Love Affair” is available for download on iTunes.

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