New Website Helps People Find the Best Term Life Insurance Deals

New website helps people make informed decisions and find the best term life insurance plans for them.

Las Vegas, NV, August 17, 2013 --( The hunt for the best deals on term life insurance has become much easier with the creation of The new site was created to enable consumers to use the Internet to find the best rates on term life insurance from the most reputable life insurance companies in the United States.

It takes only a few short moments to provide the information needed to get up to dozens of free online estimates for term life insurance policies from companies licensed and regulated by respective state insurance officials. The free term life insurance calculator is 100 percent secure, and any information provided will be used only to obtain the most accurate estimates possible on the types of term life insurance coverage sought. No third-party information brokers will have access, and that means consumers can rest assured their information won’t wind up in the hands of telemarketers or other people who should not have it.

Term life insurance comes in several varieties and typically is in effect for between 10 and 30 years. Rates mostly are based on the age and general health of the individual whose life is to be insured, and mortality tables are used to assess the likelihood that the insured individual might die during the term for which coverage is sought. Mortality tables provide insurers with information that helps them assess the potential risk of paying a death benefit and enable them to provide more accurate rate quotes to the people seeking coverage.

One great benefit of term life insurance is the plans never require a medical exam to obtain coverage. The reason why is because the policies do not grow cash value over the years and seldom result in a death benefit being paid. The vast majority of term life insurance policies never pay a death benefit due to the named insured outliving the period for which the insurance is in effect. Some studies show as few as 1 percent of term life policies result in a death benefit being paid.

With so few policies paying a death benefit, term life insurance is a low risk for the insurers underwriting them. And many insurance experts consider term life to be the purest form of life insurance as well as the best deal in life insurance. The plans do not grow cash value like whole life insurance policies do, and that means premiums on average are more than 10 times less than what they are for whole life plans that pay the same death benefit.

Some insurance companies offer $250,000 in term life coverage for about $15 per month, making it easy for people to protect their home mortgages and other financial obligations for a small amount of money each year. And with available to help find the best rates on policies to protect financial obligations, there is no reason to pay more than necessary for quality term life insurance plans.
Mike Heuer