NoMachine 4 Beta 2 Release Announcement

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, August 19, 2013 --( NoMachine has released the second beta version of its NoMachine 4 software bringing it one step closer to the final line of remote access products for both personal and enterprise use. This new version for Windows, Mac and Linux, besides consolidating stability and reliability of the previous beta, marks the last of the beta releases with the final 4 release being scheduled for September 18th, 2013.

Among the most evident new features there are:

Running sessions via web browser is now an add-on option thanks to the Portal Server package. It can be installed on any of the NoMachine software editions and includes a small Apache web server ready to go. It's configured to work-out-of-the-box to provide access to the computer on which it is installed. Depending on the host OS, users can access either the physical or virtual desktop.

An even easier installation: now any of the NoMachine packages install a fully operative environment ready to accept connections as a server or to run connections as a player. No additional post-configuration steps are required. Just change the configuration at any time when you need it.

Installing the software: instructions can be found at

What packages include:

- NoMachine packages installs the player (the local application to connect to desktops) and all the server components necessary to let you connect from remote to the physical desktop of the machine where you are installing.

- All products, except NoMachine, support SSH connections.

- Virtual desktops and custom applications are available with NoMachine Workstation and Enterprise Server for Linux.

- To support web sessions, install also the Portal Server package.

- The NoMachine Enteprise Client packages installs only the player.

How to run a session
From the Program menu on your machine, launch NoMachine and create a new connection from the UI. Specify the IP or hostname of the machine you want to connect to and provide valid credentials to log-in to the account there. NoMachine must be installed on both sides.

How to run a web session
Install the NoMachine Portal package on a NoMachine server installation. Then Point your browser to http://serverHost:4080 where serverHost is either the IP or hostname of the machine where you have installed NoMachine.

Please note that the installation comes with a self-signed SSL certificate intended to be a sample, which doesn't grant a secure connection. In order to secure your web application, please replace the SSL Certificate File, namely /usr/NX/etc/keys/host/ht_host_rsa_key.crt and the SSL Certificate Key File /usr/NX/etc/keys/host/ht_host_rsa_key with your own.

How to provide feedback
Comments and feedback can be submitted via the Contact Us page available here and selecting General Questions as your option.

About NoMachine
NoMachine is the creator of NoMachine (NX) software, an enterprise-class solution for secure remote access, multi-platform application delivery, and hosted desktop deployment. NoMachine revolutionizes the way users access their computing resources across the Internet to make desktop access as easy and widespread as Web browsing. Regardless of location or the network environment, NoMachine's software provides real-time performance in remote sessions, automatically tuning itself to network bandwidth and latency parameters. It's upcoming version 4 will extend its renowned remote desktop capabilities for companies with Linux environments to the consumer, offering Windows and Mac users an intuitive remote access and desktop sharing solution with multimedia support, record and playback, file-transfer, bidirectional printing and much more.

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