BDP Pioneers in Offering IT Supplier Management Service in Eastern Europe

Business Data Processing Ltd (BDP) is an independent IT consulting company, operating in Eastern Europe (primarily Belarus and Lithuania). With more than 10 years of experience in the IT Outsourcing industry in Eastern Europe, BDP has a unique understanding of how to execute a software development project for global customers so it achieves success.

Minsk, Belarus, August 21, 2013 --( BDP served customers with selecting and appointing the right vendor for their IT projects. Now, in addition to offering superior IT brokerage services in the Eastern European region, BDP will also provide software development buyers with premier IT Supplier Management options in Belarus or Lithuania. BDP’s partners network around the globe allows appointing highly experienced IT Consultants and PMs to work on customer’s and vendor’s site.

BDP expands its IT Consultancy offering by providing the service of vendor’s management. “We are very excited to be the first independent IT management advisors in the region of Eastern Europe,” stated Elena Kozlovskaya, Director of BDP. “As we discovered, many companies are interested in exploring the option of nearshore programming and thus leveraging their technology operations. However, the biggest concerns for making such a strategic decisions are about guaranteeing project delivery success, control the efficiency, quality and scheduled budgets & timelines. Customers shall be able to address these risks in an auditable way and we enable them with such instruments and methodology. Our people are our main asset. We managed to gather highly experienced, top-notch IT Consultants who are ready to provide independent advice during the project execution and thus mitigate customer’s risks and increase efficiency. The costs of these services are low in relation to the project volume and these costs definitely bring their ROI.”

Outsourcing project governance with BDP consists of maximum 3 levels, including IT consulting on customer’s site, independent IT management on BDP’s site and vendor’s project management.

Having an independent consultant at an outsourcing project allows selecting the most coherent technology team for project execution and hereby addressing both price assurance risk and quality assurance risk with the final purpose to deliver maximized business value. By adopting this service customers benefit financially and quality-wise.

Innovation is always a challenge in existing outsourcing relationship; however, by assigning the team with very relevant expertise, the customer is able to monetize this gained innovation.

Technology decision makers interested in learning more about outsourcing procurement services in Eastern Europe can visit or contact BDP at for more information.

About BDP: BDP ( ) is a unique IT consulting company in Eastern Europe with technical partners in Belarus and Lithuania and the network of local Consultants and Project Managers across the globe. BDP’s business model is based on frame agreements with over 100 software development companies. With its unique matching methodology, BDP can always guarantee delivery of the right competence at the right price. By allowing us to take care of all your outsourcing needs, you can save time, simplify your administration and cut costs.
Elena Kozlovskaya