BaseCase Launches Closed Loop Marketing for Market Access

Value communication and technology firm BaseCase have announced the launch this week of their closed loop marketing (CLM) solution for market access.

Berlin, Germany, August 22, 2013 --(

A little over a year ago, BaseCase started offering custom analytics information to clients who wanted to find out how their tools were being used in the field. It was a solution that allowed market access managers to see how often their global field staff were using particular tools, and assess the popularity of different value messages. Due to the strength of interest in these features, BaseCase developed a full CLM product, available today.

BaseCase CLM provides access to a wide range of data for the apps that key account managers or medical science liaisons are using in the field. This data reveals for example how often an app is being used, how much time is being spent on each page, and which parts of the story are being interacted with the most.

This kind of ‘closed loop marketing’ (CLM) approach had been tried by mass market content distribution platforms before but not in the particular field of market access, which has a specific set of requirements and expectations. These are often quite different from those in the wider field of sales force effectiveness and prescriber marketing. BaseCase CLM is designed specifically to inform and enrich discussions between market access managers and field staff concerning the effectiveness of different value messages.
Simon Wentworth