Environmentalism, Not High Prices, is Driving Transportation Trends

Popular consumer trends website says green concerns are driving drivers to change

New York, NY, August 22, 2013 --( With growing concern about climate change, ideas about the way we move place to place are changing, according to the social trends website, which follows trends in driving and energy consumption, among other things.

Transportation is something we can’t live without. But concerns about the energy supply and the potential harm of fossil fuels to the environment continues to inspire engineers, designers, and ordinary people around the world to rethink the ways in which we move. notes that some of these changes are now being seen in public transport fleets, including new buses in South Korea that are electrically powered by the very roads on which they drive, and a fleet of diesel powered buses in Amsterdam that are fitted with rooftop gardens designed to help clean up the engine's emissions.

At the same time, fewer young people are even bothering to obtain drivers licenses, and electric car sales are growing fast, as evidenced by Tesla Motors, whose Model S and Model X are amongst the fastest-selling luxury vehicles today.

"The inspiration to cut pollution and emissions is fueling this trend," says Daniel Levine, a noted trends expert and keynote speaker. "Scientific data backs up the claim that our carbon dioxide emissions are wreaking havoc on the environment, and people are realizing they have the power to make a difference."

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