Recession and Contradiction in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2013

New report highlights the contradiction at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry in 2013. “Whilst there is increased investment and growth an underlying uncertainty and volatility in the pharmaceutical industry has made investors cautious.” -Pharma IQ Recession Report.

London, United Kingdom, August 22, 2013 --( As part of their pharmaceutical jobs insight content series, Pharma IQ have recently released The Big Pharma Recession Report 2013.

The research for this report was carried out over a number of weeks in the form of a survey distributed among the pharma and biotech industry, including their 60,000 IQ members and 20,000 social media contacts. The aim was to assess how industry insiders would describe the current state of the pharmaceutical market against the backdrop of global economic uncertainty. They also hoped to gain an insight into whether perception of the industry had changed since the results of their 2011 recession report.

The key findings of the 2013 report were as follows:
· 50.7% of respondents were worried that their role may be made redundant in the next 12 months
· 63.8% of respondents said the stricter regulatory procedures are restricting growth in the pharmaceutical industry
· 72.4% of respondents said the profitability levels in pharma are changing dramatically as a result of the current global economic climate

In the light of these findings it is clear that there is still a strong sense of volatility in the pharma and biotech industry. Pharma IQ in their executive summary seek to draw conclusions and find future patterns from the answers to each of the questions posed. This report also delves into the effect of the patent cliff, the lack of break-through drugs in the last few years, and of course the demand for continually decreasing costs in an increasingly challenging area.

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