"Lady Justice and the Lottery" Debuts at #2 on Amazon

"Lady Justice and the Lottery," volume #14 in Robert Thornhill's award-winning Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, debuts as #2 in the Amazon Kindle "Cozy Mystery" category, and #122 in the Kindle Store.

Independence, MO, August 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- "Lady Justice and the Lottery" by award-winning author Robert Thornhill debuts at #2 in Amazon Kindle’s “Cozy Mystery” category and #122 in the Kindle store.

Two septuagenarians win the lottery's biggest prize, dragging Walt and Ox into the most bizarre cases of their career.

The two 'oldies' are determined to use their new found wealth to re-create the past but instead propel Walt into the future where he must use drones and Star Trek phasers to balance the scales of justice.

When an extortion plot turns into kidnapping, Walt must boldly go where no cop has gone before to save himself and the millionaire.

Come along for another hilarious ride with the world's oldest and most lovable cop.

K. Hale of Article Write-Up writes, “Septuagenarian heroes, a Star Trek burglar, and that age-old question: What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

“Robert Thornhill’s 'Lady Justice and the Lottery' is the perfect blend of mystery and comedy. It’s a heartwarming tale of the old having to live in a world for the young, with enough witty movie references to please every generation.

“This book will keep you guessing until the end, from what crazy case Walt and Ox will tackle next, to how Earl and Morty will spend their newfound millions, to how the two stories will intertwine.

“Thornhill’s writing weaves a charming, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking tale to remind us that money doesn’t buy happiness, and it can’t bring back the past, but sometimes it just shows you who you truly are.”

Robert is also the author of the Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children.

"Lady Justice and the Sting, ""Lady Justice and Dr. Death," "Lady Justice and the Vigilante," "Lady Justice and the Candidate" and "Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders" won the Pinnacle Award for the best new mystery novels of Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs. The first thirteen novels in the series, "Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P. City Retiree Action Patrol," "Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes,""Lady Justice Gets Lei’d," "Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels, Lady Justice and the Sting," "Lady Justice And Dr. Death," "Lady Justice and the Vigilante," "Lady Justice and the Watchers," "Lady Justice and the Candidate," "Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders, Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders, Lady Justice and the Class Reunion" and "Lady Justice and the Assassin" are currently available through bookstores, online and on the author’s website.
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