New, Stylish Soapstone Counter Options Now Available Through Teresina Soapstone

Roseville, CA, August 24, 2013 --( Teresina Soapstone, one of Northern California’s most trusted brand leaders for Brazilian-sourced soapstone, has announced new upgrades to their company catalogue. The company’s newly updated product selection includes some of the finest counter materials now found within the soapstone marketplace. It’s the selection that will ensure California homeowners have the great décor choices for their late summer interior upgrades.

Soapstone is known for being offered in a variety of textures. Homeowners, for example, might opt for the rougher texture of natural stone. While others might prefer that smoother, sleeker appeal that presents a contemporary appearance. And one of the clear advantages of working with the soapstone product is that it is innately stain resistant due its non-porous quality. This means that the stone’s appearance will remain consistent in the long-term. Homeowners will never have to use harsh chemicals within kitchen cleaning products to help the stone look its best.

In an era where many are trying to reduce their expenditure on home heating, the temperature retention benefits of soapstone are helpful. Soapstone retains temperature far longer than many of the other traditional home decorating materials, including marble. And so homeowner’s can make great savings on their home heating and cooling bills when they a integrate soapstone counter within their current kitchen structure. In addition, the temperature retention qualities of soapstone make it the perfect cold surface on which to roll dough for baking projects. It’s a functional home addition that adds true value to today’s American home.

And now the team at Teresina Soapstone is offering property owners across California access to the best Brazilian-sourced soapstone materials on the US marketplace. Among the newest additions to the company product line is their Brazilian Duro soapstone. Combining a dark green finish atop a deep black background, the Brazilian Duro soapstone will add elegance and grandeur to any American home. It’s the select choice of property owners searching for a material that will fit easily with their current kitchen features.

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