Cutting Edge Sports Shop TV to Launch Fall of 2013

Boca Raton, FL, August 24, 2013 --( Firefly Consulting Group announce that sports enthusiasts will soon be able to purchase inexpensive major sporting brand name products, memorabilia, nutrition products and travel packages directly from the new cutting edge Sports Shop TV network saving them hundreds of dollars. Enthusiasts can keep up-to-date in the Sports world by watching the television and internet network as well.

Sports Shop TV will be broadcast to over 90 million households throughout the United States on various cable systems and broadcast outlets, as well as on various Satellite outlets. In addition, Internationally SSTV will be broadcast via Satellite Worldwide. "Sports Shop Television is a unique, cutting edge, home shopping type program that sells inexpensive sports, recreation, memorabilia, health and nutrition related name brand products directly to the consumer by passing the middle man. With over 400 television stations nationwide signed on to broadcast the signal, Sports Shop Television will quickly become the channel to turn to when purchasing any and all types of sporting goods merchandise," said Wayne Wiggins, President of Sports Shop TV. "Our programs are host based, taped live in the studio or on location at all major sporting events such as the: The World Series, Super Bowl, PGA, NASCAR, All Star Games, NBA and NCAA Finals just to name a few. Sports Celebrities are a common feature during our programming day thus giving major names the opportunity to sell product. SSTV will go behind the scenes at major sporting events giving viewers a chance to speak directly to their favorite player, coaches, sports casters and writers," said Wayne Wiggins.

The show is expected to reach more than 90 million households. Currently over 400 TV stations have signed on to air SSTV and the company is planning international distribution through its major collaborators world wide in the Fall of 2013.

An interactive live streaming web site and mobile application will support the home shopping show. The entire inventory from every broadcast will be available to customers 24/7. This effectively enables us to appeal to customers driven by need as opposed to impulse. On the web site, customers can actively seek and buy specific items of interest.

SSTV will feature Sports Memorabilia, Sporting Brand name products, Sports Nutrition and Weight loss Products, Outdoor Gear and Fitness related gear, as well as feature some of the best online Sports books and Poker Sites. In addition, SSTV will conduct interviews with many of the top athletes and former sports legends

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