élan Indique Announces New Fall and Winter Line of Scarves with a Global Vibe

Collectible, Heritage Inspired Scarves Are Stunning Pieces of Wearable Art.

Potomac, MD, August 26, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Founded to bring the highest quality in craftsmanship and design to the discriminating U.S. fashion market, élan Indique has carefully curated a timeless elegant fall line of new scarves that bridges the traditional and contemporary.

The online boutique élanIndique.com provides a global platform for craftsmen and up-and-coming designers from India to showcase their talents to a broader audience, thus preserving the culture, techniques and heritage that have been passed down the generations for centuries.

Classic Limited Edition Fall Line of Cashmere Scarves

The élan Indique 2013 fall line is carefully selected for its heirloom quality and enduring craftsmanship, providing collectors with a timeless accessory to cherish and hand down as a sartorial keepsake.

Each piece in this collection is handmade and lovingly created by a master artisan and is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

élan Indique's limited edition collection is made entirely from the finest Indian 100% cashmere-pashmina. "We commission scarves made from the finest quality of cashmere woven from pashm, the downy undercoat of goats reared on high-altitude pastures in the Himalayas. All authentic pashmina is cashmere, but not all cashmere is pashmina," said Neerja Kathuria, Founder and President, élan Indique.

"The centuries old artistry, skill and expertise of North Indian spinners, dyers, designers, weavers, and embroiderers are self-evident in each and every one of our gossamer scarves," said Kathuria.

For the fall collection, Kathuria worked with master craftsmen who skillfully integrated color, pattern, weave and texture to produce unique and distinctive cashmere-pashmina stoles. "Each piece can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to weave and hand finish, making it an original work of wearable-art. No two are alike so once a piece is sold, it cannot be offered again," said Kathuria.

The élan Indique 2013 limited edition cashmere-pashmina scarves range from $200-$600.

Trendy, Bold, Vibrant and Chic Mitandio Scarves

This fall, élan Indique introduces the U.S. to Mitandio, a collection of scarves designed by two talented designers - Jas Sandhu and Rukmani Singh. Each piece of Mitandio - a Swahili word that means scarves - carries its own story and history that might spring from mythology, social issues, human values and nature.

"Jas and Rukmani embody our vision at élan Indique. Their designs are contemporary yet rooted in timeless beauty. They draw their inspiration from the Savannah of the Tanzanian Serengeti and from the ethnic art of India, and the results are stunning works of bold colors and patterns," said Kathuria.

Materials used for each Mitandio scarf are of the highest quality, carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans. The designs are later digitally printed using environmentally friendly inks.

The 2013 fall and winter Mitandio collection, will include a rich palette of fine fabrics including silk-wool blends and cashmere. The collection will also include pieces adorned with Swarovski crystals and lace, perfect for the holidays and special occasions!

Prices in the Mitandio collection range from $100-$250.

For media inquiries, and for inquiries from retailers to carry the élan Indique 2013 Fall and Winter Collection, please contact Neerja Kathuria. www.elanindique.com
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