Real Beauty A to Z Challenges the Way We See and Think About Beauty

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) over $11 Billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in 2012. In a new book just released by Freewill Publishers of Trussville, AL the question is asked—why? "The ABC’s of Real Beauty," by Sharon Williams, takes a dive into one of the major, yet often silent, struggles for women.

Birmingham, AL, August 27, 2013 --( "The ABC’s of Real Beauty" was born out of personal self-doubt and observations of women. Williams, an Alabama native, takes a simplistic yet creative approach to help others redirect their focus and realize that they are more than what is seen on the outside. The book uses a word from each letter of the alphabet. It provides 26 scholarly definitions along with Biblical scriptural references to challenge people to begin defining their own standard of beauty; to accept themselves and others for who they were created to be.

In the book, Williams states: “This is not just a read for women; it is for men also. Men have fallen into some of the same traps around beauty and may assist, unintentionally, in enhancing some of the ill feelings that women have against themselves.”

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Real Beauty A to Z
Sharon Williams