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Special Offer from Ozeal Glasses: Free Glasses Activity

Ozeal Glasses is promoting their range of prescription glasses with a special offer: free glasses activity for four different customer groups.

New York, NY, August 27, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The market for prescription glasses is becoming increasingly competitive. In order to successfully attract shoppers to buy eyeglasses online as opposed to physically shopping for them means that an online glasses store needs to carefully market their products. As part of this marketing campaign, offers like free glasses are certain to attract attention.

Ozeal glasses is promoting their range of prescription glasses with a special offer. In actual fact, there are four different free glasses promotions, each one targeting a particular market. All of which are extremely easy to take part in and involve the completion of very simple and straight forward forms.

The first special offer is specifically for those returning to school. So, instead of having to buy eyeglasses online, participants can simply complete the short form and get ready to receive their very own pair of stylish Ozeal Glasses. The right eyewear is an essential part of any learning experience and a free pair would certainly never hurt! In addition to this, because of the young, fashionable designs, wearing prescription eyewear will look like more of an accessory than a necessity.

The second one is the Geek Month Giveaway and is especially for all the geeks out there. So whether you are an IT nerd, accounting genius or have some other really nerdy job, you too can get your hands on some geeky eyewear from a high quality online glasses store. Ozeal encourages people to embrace their nerdiness and use it to emphasize their intelligence. These frames are available in various shapes and colors. The most popular of which are solid black frames just like those which were famous in the 50s and 60s.

The third offer is for travel enthusiasts. Each design included in the Travel Season Spree promotion has unique regional features that make them perfect to show off on your vacation. It’s no secret that anyone’s travel experience will be deeply enriched by clear, crisp vision. Being able to really absorb the sights and read a menu are just two basic necessities on any trip.

The fourth and final offer has been aptly dubbed “Reading is Enjoyable” and is for elderly participants. Reading can be a real chore if you don’t have the right glasses but, with the help of this offer, high quality reading glasses are ready and waiting. Apart from simply making reading enjoyable, this offer is particularly thoughtful when considering the high need for reading glasses among the older generation. With such rapidly deteriorating senses of sight, a fresh pair of glasses can help reduce and slow down this process.

Every pair of glasses included in the above mentioned promotions comes with a set of 1.56 single vision lenses and Ozeal’s high level of customer support and guarantee.
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