Aurus Network Launches CourseHub

Aurus Network launches CourseHub - Online education and lecture capture platform that works on speeds as low as 100 Kbps.

Bangalore, India, August 28, 2013 --( Observing the lack of a dedicated platform to help educators (trainers and institutions) take their courses online, Aurus Network has launched CourseHub - an end-to-end, integrated, cloud-based platform for video creation, management and distribution meant exclusively for education and training.

Enhancing learning outcomes and reaching out to more students are the primary goals of educators. These can be achieved with high-quality online teaching. However, few solutions exist that are dedicated to the delivery of education and fewer still that work on low Internet bandwidths. CourseHub is capable of delivering high quality HD videos to end users at bandwidths as low as 100Kbps thereby enabling students to watch the lectures from qualified faculty anywhere, anytime, live or on-demand. In addition to the lecture capture and delivery, CourseHub also has features such as timed assessments, rich analytics, integrated video editing and live interaction (text/audio/video) that make the teaching and learning process very smooth and effective like face to face teaching.

CourseHub is a fully automated, non-intrusive solution. The schedule can be set in the beginning of the academic session, after which the teacher can just walk into the regular classrooms and teach in their natural style using chalk and talk or digital aids. They don’t even have to be aware of the camera in the classroom, which starts and stops automatically at scheduled times. Further, the solution has a software based presenter-tracking feature. In large classrooms, this automatically tracks the teacher as he moves about, thus doing away with the need to manually operate the camera. The recorded content is uploaded immediately and is available for live or on-demand viewing by the authorized students. Integrated payment facility in CourseHub allows educators to even sell their classes directly to the students and collect payment for it without having to set up their own payment gateways or websites.

Piyush Agrawal, CEO and Founder of Aurus Network (IIT Kanpur and Stanford alumnus) commented, “Technology is very important to make education accessible to all. Trainers, schools and universities are all desperately trying to digitize their materials. But there is no dedicated platform, no cost-effective way of achieving that. With CourseHub, we have pioneered the use of Internet-based, relevant and affordable solutions for connecting audiences across the world - eliminating the need for expensive hardware. CourseHub is free for use by teachers/trainers. A nominal fee is charged for each student using CourseHub. Our dream of making quality education available to the masses is now turning into a reality.”

CourseHub is already being used by renowned institutes like Gate Academy, Career Point, IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore and also by corporates like HCL, Kemin among others. For more information please visit
Aurus Network
Piyush Agrawal