Danish Company Launches Free Version of Popular Printer Management Software

Free software solution that helps companies save money when buying copiers and printers.

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Danish technology company 3manager has launched a free version of its popular cost optimization and printer management software - 3viewer.

3viewer allows small and medium-sized business-owners to monitor the usage of their printer fleets and it has been proven to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Perhaps the most popular feature of the software is its Zendesk functionality, which allows people using the service to operate the easy-to-use monitoring app from their desktop tray.

But while larger businesses have been keen to use the service, smaller companies with less than five printers have been less likely to sign up for 3viewer, mainly because they think the service isn't built for them.

However, the statistics have found that only 15 percent of printers are working to their proper capacity, with 75 percent lying needlessly idle and ten percent overworked to the point where it could break down regularly.

While this might not seem like a top priority for busy managers, quite simply, it should be. Savings made by some of the clients have been in the thousands and this money has been reinvested into other, more needing areas of the business.

Records from multiple clients show that the longer someone uses the 3viewer cost optimization program, the greater the savings increase and this could be a huge plus for SMEs looking to cut down on needless expenditure.

For example, many of the customers have found that they can sell off some of their unneeded devices after realizing that none of their members of staff were even using them at all. Not only does this generate a point-of-sale profit, but it also reduces long term expenditure and carbon emissions derived from
the running of the printers.

Plus, with the issue of corporate social responsibility becoming more and more prominent in the private sector, every business should be doing all it can to shape itself as an industry leader in reducing carbon emissions in the fight against climate change.

Siiri Nathalie Bruun, area sales manager of 3manager, said: "We're proud to finally be able to bring our state-of-the-art cost optimization system to smaller clients across the English-speaking world.

"While our free trials have been popular among larger businesses, with many going on to invest in our fully-featured, Zendesk-compatible app, some SMEs have felt like they don't need a printer management solution for their office.

"Quite simply, they couldn't be more wrong. Time and time again, 3viewer has cut our clients' costs dramatically, all while increasing efficiency and sustainability.

"We like to talk a lot about printer management here at 3manager and while it might not be the most thrilling topic in the world, we think our expansion into new markets with our new app, which is free for SMEs with five or less printers in their network, will prove hugely successful."

Henrik Lundstrom, chief technology officer of 3manager, commented: "We think it's fantastic that our clients are making massive savings on their printer procurement bills but, as ever, we're striving to go further.

"With the release of our free version of 3viewer, which applies to networks with fewer than five printers, we expect to create a revolution in the way that SMEs approach their office printer habits: out with the wasteful ways of the past and in with sustainable, efficient monitoring technology.

"At the end of the day, you wouldn't buy a car without knowing anything about it, so why would you buy a new printer if it wasn't even going to get used properly?

"Many of our clients have commented that before they used our services, they were completely blind when buying new printers and didn't even know if they would be used by workers, but with 3viewer buyers have all the data they need to make a proper procurement decision.

"3viewer is, quite frankly, a must-have, indispensible cost optimization app for SMEs across the UK, US, Canada and EU."

Interested? Sign up for the two-week free trial via the easy-to-navigate website.

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