FashionMix – a New Fashion Community to Create, Share, and Shop with Friends

New York, NY, August 28, 2013 --( FashionMix is a dynamic social connection platform for fashion lovers. The interactive site was created for the love of clothing, providing fashion lovers with the ability to express their creative skills and discover their unique style by creating customized fashion outfits.

It not only provides people with valuable information about the fashion world, including new trends and fashion news, but also allows them to virtually construct outfits through the interactive web app for free.

The app allows users to create a fashion mix by finding and matching pieces from different brands and stores, which they can also rate, comment and share. It allows users to find outfits for a certain occasion and to match specific colors or styles. It gives users the ability to evaluate these outfits online without actually having to visit the stores and purchasing the clothing items to see how they fit together.

“Every region has its own culture and subculture, and Fashionmix aims to capture each area’s personality through users’ tastes in fashion,” says Founder and CEO of FashionMix, Dan Zugrav. “Users from across the globe are able to connect with people who share similar tastes and clothing culture and are also be able to collaborate with users from different regions and backgrounds to choose which trends are most appealing.”

For clothing brands, FashionMix provides a unique form of marketing by providing their clothing items available for users to mix and match with. Not only can fashion outfits be virtually created and shared with others, users also have the opportunity to purchase the clothing pieces and accessories they fall in love with.

This week marks the release of Version 2.0 with a newly designed interface and many new and exciting features, making the site more interactive by allowing users to comment on each other’s fashion mixes, writing product reviews and testimonials, thus driving further brand engagement for the companies that make their products available.

One of the brand new features includes the ability for users to upload and use their own images in fashion mixes and create collages and personalized closets to display and share their unique styles and creativity with other fashion lovers from all over the world.

About FashionMix:
Fashionmix is a dynamic social connection platform for fashion lovers. The interactive, groundbreaking site was created for the love of clothing. It is the newest tool to connect with others who share your tastes, map your clothing experience, tap into hot, new trends shared by others and even shop for clothing pieces and accessories you fall in love with.

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