Tulix Systems’ Pay-Per-View Streaming System Lets Broadcasters Reach Global Audiences and Monetize Content

Tulix Systems continues to expand its streaming monetization platform to allow broadcasters, large and small, to reach global audiences and generate revenue from their content.

Atlanta, GA, August 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Tulix Systems, a leading provider of multi-screen over-the-top (OTT) streaming solutions and CDN services, today announced the addition of pay-per-view functionality and Google Wallet support to its live and on-demand streaming monetization platform. Tulix’s new pay-per-view system will allow content owners to charge one-time fees for access to on-demand video or live streamed events. Anyone with a collection of shows, movies, or other video files can use Tulix’s subscription and pay-per-view streaming systems to generate revenue by streaming on their own site and applications.

The system integrates seamlessly with Tulix’s existing video on demand (VOD) platform, allowing content providers to upload videos and set specific prices for them. Customers sign up for the service and provide their payment information on a secure site. Once they have created an account, they can start watching videos on multiple platforms, including web, mobile (iOS, Android), and OTT TV devices (Roku, Google TV). Purchased videos can be watched within a limited period of time, as specified by the broadcaster.

In addition to pay-per-view, Tulix Systems has integrated Google Wallet into its billing system. Customers paying for on-demand or live content can now choose between paying by credit card, Paypal, or Google Wallet. Expanding the number of payment options is convenient for customers and provides an extra level of security for broadcasters if they ever experience problems with one of the payment services.

The recent expansion of Tulix’s monetization platform is just a recent step in a broader push by the company to help broadcasters provide revenue-generating streaming services. It follows the recent integration of a subscription billing system to all applications developed by Tulix for iOS, Android, Roku, and Google TV. By providing live and VOD content delivery, application development, and a full monetization system, Tulix has solutions for both small and large broadcasters to reach audiences all around the world and generate revenue from their content.

About Tulix Systems

Tulix Systems provides professional streaming solutions for content owners and broadcasters. The company operates its own streaming-optimized content delivery network (CDN) which has made it one of the top destinations for broadcasters of all sizes looking to stream high definition video to audiences around the world. Tulix’s proprietary Unistream software is at the core of its streaming services and allows broadcasters to stream to just about any device and take advantage of the many ancillary features the company offers, including digital video recording (DVR), video on-demand (VOD), playlist management, and detailed analytics. For more information about Tulix Systems, visit www.tulix.com or call 404-584-5035.
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